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Free Fencing Resources:

Free SwordMaster fencing resources can be downloaded here.


  • SwordMaster Warm-up Dynamic Stretching Routine ... Download
  • SwordMaster Cool-Down Static Stretching Routine ... Download

Score Sheets With Bout Orders:

  • Pool score sheet with bout orders for pool of 4 - 8 fencers ...Download
  • Pool Score sheet with bout orders for pools of 9 - 10 fencers ...Download
  • Pool Unique score sheet for up to 24 fencers ...Download
  • Teams Of 2 Relay Score Sheet ...Download
  • Teams Of 3 Relay Score Sheet ...Download
  • Teams of 3, 9 bout team match score sheet ... Download
  • Teams of 4, 16 bout team match score sheet ... Download
  • Direct elinination (DE) tableau of 32 fencers ... Download

Other Useful Stuff:

  • 34 inspirational quotes, each on a seperate page ... Download
  • Books on fencing, for pleasure, information and resources check out our book lists and reviews new and old ...more
  • Films, dvd and videos on or about or with fencing. Serious and fun ...more