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Developed by Maître Martin Brill in 2006 to meet the needs for a modern structured fencing training programme for fencers. The SwordMaster training program has been a success with fencers and coaches. Further innovations in training have been added and the ideas and oportunities are now available here.

Maître Martin Brill:

Former New Zealand Olympion fencer, 1988 Olympic finalist (Individual Men's Epee), Olympic Team Fencing Coach and International referee. He coaches at The Fencing Institute in Christchurch, New Zealand.

In 1983, after 9 years of aviation training and working as a Licensed Aircraft Mintenance Engineer, Martin followed his passion and dreams for fencing. He studied at the French National Institute of Sport (INSEP) where he completed the two year full time course, qualifing as Maître d'Armes (foil, epee, sabre).

As well as being Maître d'Armes at Levallois Sporting Club (1985-88), Maître Brill competed internationaly in the men's epee circuit, achieving a personal best world ranking of 25th. He also achieved two Olympic Games selections, representing New Zealand in the Individual Men's Epee at the 1984 Los Angelese Olympics (placed 15th) and was a 1988 Seoul Olympic finalist placing 7th.

Maître Brill's journey to the 1988 Olympic final, included periods of training with many fine Maître d'Armes, fencers and athletes, who have all helped to form and inform his approach to training and coaching fencing.


As an expert in "Making Dreams Come True" Maître Martin Brill has brought his considerable experience, understanding and knowledge of fencing as an "ancient art and modern sport". Maître Martin Brill combines the fundamentals and traditions of fencing and coaching with innovations available to us through todays technology and sports science.

With SwordMaster you too can Make Dreams Come True.