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Training Fencers:

The advances in sport training provide knowledge and information to maximise performance. SwordMaster blends the latest and best with fencing art and traditions to bring you up to date fencing training. Achieve exciting sporting performance. For everyone, the beginner through to high performance, get the best from what you choose to do.

  • Fencer Development Programme: A structured learning package designed by SwordMaster to aid fencers and coaches achieve effective learning for fencing mastery ... found out more here.
  • Warming-Up: A good warm up routine begins with 5-10 minutes of light general aerobic activity, then moves to Dynamic Stretching for movements that are used in fencing ... find out more here.
  • Cooling-Down: Cooling-down is just as important as the warm-up. Cooling-down helps the body to recover gradually to a resting state. , ... find out more here.
  • Dynamic Stretching: Where the movement patterns similar to those conducted in the activity are repeated, with movements being executed through to their full range, such as arm swinging or leg kicking. For an example of a fencing warm-up dynamic stretching routine ... find out more here.
  • Static Stretching: Where the muscle goups used in activity are slowly stretched to their full range and the stretch is then held for at least 30 seconds. Static stretch routines are used loosen tight muscle groups after intense activity as part of the cool-down and recovery process. For an example of a fencing cool-down static stretching routine ... find out more here.
  • Fitness Circuit Training: Circuit training is a flexible and efficient fitness training method where a group of selected exercises are performed in a sequence so as to maximise fitness gains ... find out more here.
  • More coming soon