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Fencing specific and generic coaching information and resources. Informative and innovative, SwordMaster support for coaches, and the delivery of their lessons and training programmes.

Developing Fundamental Movement Skills:

Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC) has developed a very complete on-line resource about developing fundamental motor skills for children. This resource (newly published in 2007) builds on the 1997 material in the KiwiSport Fundamental Skills Manual (KiwiDex) and provides greater emphasis on progressive development of skills.

The activities in the "Developing Fundamantal Movement Skills" resource are simple and require only basic knowledge to teach and coach. This is downloadable in small pdf files under the fundamental skills headings of Locomoter, Stability, and Manipulative Skills, which cover the different aspects of each fundamental skill e.g.walking, running, dodging, jumping, hopping, skipping. There are additional activities for each section.

Developing Fundamantal Movement Skills provides useful information and ideas to help design and plan warm-up activities, which can be easily integrated into the lesson plan. It is highly recomended.


To maintain interest, have a good range of games to play, and variations on old themes. Reduce the stress around finding new games to play or routines to adapt by visiting the following web sites:

  • For playground games and rules for the games kids play visit http://www.gameskidsplay.net
  • For info about developmentatally appropriate phys. ed. practices and programs visit PE Central
  • For great activities designed to teach kids games by playing games! PlaySport

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